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Find your dream home. I offer flexible mortgage loan options with competitive rates and a personalized approach to guide you through the process. With our expertise and attention to your unique needs and financial situation, we can help you find the right loan option for you.

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Commercial Loans

As a business owner, I know how important it is to have access to the right resources to grow and expand my business. That's why I offer commercial loan options to help other business owners achieve their goals. Whether you need to purchase a new property, expand your current space, or invest in new equipment, I can work with you to create a customized loan package with competitive rates and flexible terms.

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Land Loans

As a lending professional, I understand the challenges of financing a land purchase for investment or development purposes. That's why I offer land loan options to help you secure the financing you need. Whether you're looking for residential or commercial land, I can work with you to create a customized loan package with flexible terms and competitive rates.

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I am your local independent mortgage broker. I am an Air Force veteran, and I remain true to my core values, service before self, excellence in all you do, and integrity first. I work with over 190 lenders, so I’m loyal only to you not to any one bank. If your loan does not work with one lender, I will find one that will be happy to take your business. In addition to mortgage loans, I also recover surplus funds, finance land, and work with a business loan company. Let me help you achieve your American dream will it be buying your first home or building your real estate portfolio to help you achieve financial freedom

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"I highly recommend Maximillian Nieves as a mortgage lender. His professionalism and expertise made the mortgage process seamless and stress-free. He found the best loan options for me and guided me every step of the way. Thanks to Maximillian, I secured a mortgage that perfectly suited my needs."

"Maximillian Nieves was a pleasure to work with as my mortgage lender. He was attentive, responsive, and always had my best interests in mind. Maximillian's attention to detail and proactive approach ensured a smooth and efficient mortgage approval. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a trustworthy and dedicated mortgage lender."

"I am extremely grateful to Maximillian Nieves for his outstanding service as my mortgage lender. His professionalism, knowledge, and personalized approach made a significant difference. Maximillian found the best mortgage options for me and kept me informed throughout the process."

Maximillian Nieves


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